Christian Hecker

Christian Hecker

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Username * Tigaer
Country * Germany
City Nuremberg
Nationality German


Current Position Artist;Designer;Matte Painter
Areas of Expertise AdvertistingDigital PaintingGames ComputerGames ConsoleGames OnlineGraphic DesignLandscape DesignPost ProductionPre ProductionPrintingPublishing InternetPublishing PrintVFXWeb Designillustration
Preferred Tools CINEMA 4DPhotoshopOtherPhotographyAfter EffectsVueWorld Machine


Availability: Freelance
Twitter @tigaer


Hi Everyone

Guess this is the place to write some details about my person. Well lets begin where i started to play with digital imaging. It was the year 2000 when i touched photoshop the first time. I always was interested in creating new worlds. Since back then i'm working on my techniques. Since 2001 i'm settled with scenery art. I always was a fan of huge impressive landscapes. Or cityscapes. I learned everything by myself and i'm pretty proud of that fact. It tells me that this kind of art stuff seems to be the right thing for me.

My inspiration are people like gary tonge and dylan cole. I kinda want to be a mixture of both of these artists. Long way to go. ;) Even if i made huge progress over the last years.

I'm for hire: concept art, environmental concept art


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